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About Amanda

Welcome! Please feel free to browse the site, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate contact me. I also have a FAQ page, just in case!

Amanda Pillar is addicted to writing. Not in the fun kind of way, more in the has-to-get-her-fix kind of way. But that's a good thing, right? It means she's busy working on her next book and has plans for many more to come, all with lots of snark. Because snark.

Amanda has had almost a dozen books published, alongside a variety of short stories, as well as solo and co-editing over half a dozen anthologies. People say it's because she's an 'over-achiever' but, in reality, Amanda doesn't understand the concept of 'relaxation'. (Please feel free to explain it to her. Use small words.) Compounding this issue, Amanda has commenced work on a PhD. Because she's crazy.

Oh, and in her day job, she's an archaeologist. (And no, she doesn't get chased around site by rogue boulders, thank the flying spaghetti monster. She doesn't even want to imagine the OH&S paperwork THAT would cause).


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