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Frequently asked questions

Q: When is your next book out?

Haunt Me, the third book in the shared Immortal Vices and Virtues series, will be released in July 2022. It follows the story of Sabrina, a ghost without a body, and a whole lot of living left to do.



Q: How many books will there be in the Heaven's Heart series?

At the moment, a total of 6 books are planned for the Heaven's Heart series. So far, the reading order is:

1. Deadly Passion

2. Benevolent Passion

3. Winged Passion

4. Ascending Passion

5. Secret Passion (release date TBC)

6. Fierce Passion (release date TBC)

There is also a novelette (Stolen Secrets) available in the May-June 2019 edition of Hearts Kiss magazine.

Q: Will each of the Darts (from the Heaven's Heart series) get a book?

Yes! So far, Azrael, Z, Seraphina, and Yael's stories are ready! Raze, then Dina, will be next.

Q: Will there be more books to follow Graced?

Yes! The sequel novel, Bitten, was released in January this year, and a brand new Graced story, Freedom, is out now!


Q: Do I have to read Graced first?


No, each installment in the series is a standalone book, but I do recommend reading Graced first if you wish to follow the series order.

Currently, the publication order is:

1. Graced

2. Captive

3. Survivor

4. Bitten

5. Ashes

6. Freedom


Q: Will Elle, Clay, Dante and Anton feature in any more stories?


Yes! While they may not be main characters in the next books, they will definitely be important to the story and you'll continue to follow their journey. You couldn't keep Elle off the page!


Q: Can you please remind me which eye colours and abilities go together in Graced?


Eye colours denote the races in the Graced series. Brown is for regular humans, purple for vampires, and yellow for weres. The Graced - a race of psychic humans - have the remaining eye colours. The following abilities are tied to these colours:

  • Blue - empathy

  • Green - telepathy

  • Grey/gray - telekinesis

  • Teal - you'll need to read Graced to find out!

  • Red/pink - you'll need to read Graced to find out!

  • Black - you'll need to read Bitten to find out!


Q: When is your next anthology coming out?


It was released in 2020! Check out the anthology page for more information.


Q: How many anthologies have you edited?


Nine (including the six I co-edited). They range from fantasy, to post-apocalyptic, to horror, to paranormal noir, and to urban fantasy. If you like short stories, then you'll enjoy these!




If there's a question you wish to ask that hasn't been answered here, please email Amanda using the contact form.

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