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Dancing with Demons

Featuring four short stories that will take you from the ballrooms of Regency England, to the turmoil of modern day life, and on to the smoky mountain tops of a new world!

Featuring four stories brought together for the first time:

  • The Deal

  • Broken Reflections

  • Philomena and the Blond God

  • A Clockwork Heart

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Available on its own for the first time, Debts!

Vampires and humans don’t mix.


But six-year-old Sebastian doesn’t care. He and his childhood best friend, Kali, are inseparable. He’s finally found the one person who accepts him for who he is. But Sebastian has a secret, one that his mother is willing to kill for.

Can Sebastian keep Kali safe? Or will he be caught in the crossfire of his mother’s ambition?

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Other Short Stories


Amanda has had numerous short stories published over the years.

Amanda's latest short story, 'It', is in the absolutely talent-packed anthology, ...And Then. This great book has been published by Clan Destine Press!

Her historic fantasy tale 'Neter Nefer', was published in FableCroft Publishing's fantastic Cranky Ladies of History anthology. 'Neter Nefer' follows the rise to power of the female-king Hatshepsut, told through the eyes of her daughter, Neferure. Amanda combined her knowledge of archaeology with her love of fiction to produce this rich tale.


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