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Latest Anthology

Flame's Embrace was launched in 2020 and run to raise money for the Australian bushfires. It was a limited release, and is no longer available online. But we raised over $3,000 USD for WIRES. Thank you to all the authors who participated!!

May Sage, Seanan McGuire, Meg Anne and
Kel Carpenter, Bec McMaster, Emigh Cannaday,
Kim Faulks, Heather Long and Rebecca Royce,
Grace McGinty, TJ Nichols, Amanda Pillar,
Ripley Proserpina, Vivienne Savage,
Bam Shepherd and Mila Young

Bloodlines won best anthology in the 2015 Aurealis Awards! It was also nominated for the Australian Shadows Awards and the Ditmars. Thank you to all the authors, the judges and the award conveners. You can get a copy here.

Damnation and Dames
Scenes from the Second Storey
Phantom Queen
Grants Pass
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