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About Ascending Passion...

Each book in this 6 book series is standalone, featuring a new couple each time. Dive into the Heaven's Heart world today!

Rowan doesn’t believe in magic.

But when the mysterious billionaire Luke M Starre invites her on the archaeological dig of a century, she can’t refuse, even if he is a little...scary.

Yael is a former elite warrior. Now a fallen angel, he works as a mercenary doing wet work. Well, he did. Now he’s a babysitter to a witch who doesn’t know she’s a witch, while she works for the Devil.

It’s enough to give anyone a migraine.

Especially when said not-witch is so beautiful it makes his teeth hurt. But can he save Rowan from Lucifer, or will they both lose in the battle of wills and magic?


Praise for Ascending Passion

'Brilliant storytelling, strong characters, humor, attitude, good versus evil versus doing the right thing! What an ending!' - Tome Tender Book Blog

'Another fantastic installment in this kickass series.' - Bubbles the Book Pimp

'I continue to love this series more and more.' - Sydney, Goodreads Reviewer

'I loved reading Yael and Rowan’s story. It was fun, full of action and new twists that keep me guessing what will happen next.' - Ashley Martinez, Goodreads Reviewer

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