About Ascending Passion...



Is the truth really worth dying for?

Becoming a bodyguard isn’t exactly on Yael’s list of dream jobs. In fact, he’s much better at killing than he is at saving people. But when the most powerful witch Crone in the Americas asks him for a favor, he isn’t left with much of a choice. And the worst part? His new client doesn’t believe in magic and she’s human.

The love of Rowan Broome’s life is dead, killed in a horrific car accident. Rowan seeks escape, only for it to be offered in the opportunity of a lifetime: become an excavation director for an archaeological dig in Egypt. But her boss isn’t the magnanimous Luke M. Starre, as she believes; he’s Lucifer, ruler of Hell.

Burdened with a bodyguard she doesn’t want, but desperate to forget her past, Rowan is drawn closer and closer to Lucifer. Can she survive the twisted web he’s woven, or will Yael have to save her from herself?



Praise for Ascending Passion

'Brilliant storytelling, strong characters, humor, attitude, good versus evil versus doing the right thing! What an ending!' - Tome Tender Book Blog

'Another fantastic installment in this kickass series.' - Bubbles the Book Pimp

'I continue to love this series more and more.' - Sydney, Goodreads Reviewer

'I loved reading Yael and Rowan’s story. It was fun, full of action and new twists that keep me guessing what will happen next.' - Ashley Martinez, Goodreads Reviewer