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About Bitten...

Being the coroner has suddenly become the toughest job in town.

Doctor Alice Reive has more bodies and fewer answers than normal, so she’s determined to find the murderer responsible before another vampire ends up dead. With the help of the vampire Dante Kipling and city guard Elle Brown, she races to track down the killer.

Hannah Romanov has spent hundreds of years living on an isolated mountain. One of the only Graced vampires in existence, her quiet life is thrown into chaos after she discovers a baby left in the wilds to die. Hannah will do anything to ensure the infant’s survival, even if it means travelling to a city plagued by murderers and filled with vampires who’d want her dead.

The second full-length novel in the stunning Graced series is perfect for fans of Nalini Singh, Richelle Mead, and Anne Bishop.

Praise for Bitten

'Charming as The Hobbit, Complex as Game of Thrones' - Iris Chacon, Reviewer

'This is a great fantasy/paranormal novel, with interesting, funny characters' - Lisa, Goodreads

'The world is so richly thought out and clever'

- Pauliree, Goodreads

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