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About Captive...

A Graced prequel.

Civilization has ended.


Vampires, werewolves, and the Graced are at war with their human creators, and humanity is losing. But Laney might hold the key to salvation. Held captive with her fellow humans by alpha Wolfgang and his pack of weres, Laney secretly inches ever closer to breaking were and vampire blood dependency forever.

But Laney doesn't have long. Their numbers decimated by plague, humans are being kidnapped and reduced to livestock. And when Laney and her sister are abducted by a neighboring vampire clan, their only hope lies in Wolf – who doesn't know the shocking secret Laney has gone to great lengths to conceal.


This post-apocalyptic romance is perfect for fans of Laurell K Hamilton, Nalini Singh, and Anne Bishop's Others series.

Praise for Captive


'As introductions to worlds go, this one drew me in hook, line and sinker and I am looking for others in this series.' - L Roberts


'All of the characters are strong, and all are intelligent, most especially Laney with her medical and scientific knowledge.' - S Gunn

'I...was intrigued with this story and...the glimpse I was given into this world.' - Carries Book Reviews

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