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About Graced...

Green eyes mean you’re telepathic.
Blue eyes mean you’re an empath.
Gray eyes mean you’re telekinetic.

And Hazel eyes? They mean nothing.

In a family of psychics, Elle Brown is a failure—at least as far as her grandmother is concerned. Unlike her gifted younger sister, Elle possess no magical talent and she’s just fine by it.

As being gifted means being a target, Elle has enough on her plate trying to keep her talented sister safe from the surrounding vampires and shifters.

Then she attracts the attention of Dante Kipling, a vampire with a strange fascination about humans with colored eyes. He’s determined to unlock their secrets, and he’s convinced Elle Brown is the answer he’s been waiting for.

There’s just one problem.

He has to kill her to find out.

The first full-length novel in the stunning Graced series is perfect for fans of Nalini Singh, Richelle Mead, and Anne Bishop.

Praise for Graced

' a wonderful paranormal romance book' - The Avid Reader

'Paranormal romance with intelligence'
- E Fitzgerald


'Pillar brings a new voice to urban fantasy and has introduced readers to a fabulous new world'
- S Gunn

' incredibly well written, delightfully funny and sometimes poignantly serious romance'
- Book Frivolity

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