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About Secret Passion...

Coming late 2024

Each book in this 6 book series is standalone, featuring a new couple each time. Dive into the Heaven's Heart world today!

Asha Himm is a goddess in hiding.

From what? Well, the better question would be, 'From who?'

Satan. That's who.

Yep, Asha is in hiding from the Hell-lord, who happens to be the ruler of Inferno, and an all-around asshole. The only issue...he knows where she is. Has known for over a decade, but she has remained out of his reach as Hades' PA. But Satan has finally found a loophole that will allow him to come after her.

The only thing in his way?

An angel.

Well, a fallen angel, Raze, who happens to be the object of Asha's recently acquired (and unfortunately unrequited) desire.

Before Asha can tackle the tiny issue of a Hell-lord bent on capturing her, together with Raze, she will face zombies, dangerous spells, and an ancient evil risen from the dead.

Oh, and a lust so strong that it has even Aphrodite blushing...



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