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About Spurn Me...

Being haunted by her maniacal, poltergeist mother is the least of Sin’s problems.

The former High King of the Fae, who’s just been released from Hell, is a much bigger one.

Oberon has decided that she is his ticket home. Her, a death fae with no connections or money - none that she wants to acknowledge, at any rate.

But Oberon is willing to play dirty, and he’s absconded with her cousin, Nog, a corgi shadow shifter with more heart than brains.

Now Sin has to work out how to escape the clutches of a slightly-disturbed too handsome former fae overlord, or risk losing her freedom.


Because Oberon’s plans don’t involve her returning to Crossroads. No, they have her journeying to the fae world, and facing her worst nightmare.

Her mate.

Spurn Me is a spicy standalone paranormal romance set in the Immortal Vices and Virtues Universe. Every book is a guaranteed happily ever after with a satisfying ending and no cliffhangers. Perfect for fans of Immortals After Dark, Black Dagger Brotherhood, and the Demonica series.

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