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Too stubborn to die.


Billie Young is a human city guard with a troubled past – she was kidnapped, tortured and almost killed by vampires. Though she survived, it’s left her scarred and damaged. Now, she trusts no one, and is focused on finding her attackers.

Vere Radcliffe is a vampire spy who answers directly to the king. Recently returned home from a year abroad, he’s at loose ends, waiting for his next mission. But trouble is brewing in the city, and Vere is asked to investigate the abduction of a city guard and the murder of several other humans. But as the hunt closes in, the killer takes someone close to Vere’s heart. 

Praise for Survivor

​'The Graced series is proving to be a very enjoyable and addictive series!' - Just Book Talk

'I absolutely adore the Graced universe, and...the world Pillar has created is one that is unique and fascinating' - S Gunn

'I...hope to see more stories set in this world'

- E Fitzgerald

About Survivor...

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