About Winged Passion...



Once an angel, now a blood slave.

Seraphina would do anything to protect her fellow Darts—even become a blood slave. But can an angel survive living in the depths of Hell, surrounded by demonic killers?

Trick’s entire life is a lie, which is exactly how he likes it. Ruler of the Halcyon Guild, he is one of the most powerful demons in Hell. But for the first time in centuries, he’s been outwitted—and by a damned angel.

His bad luck doesn’t end there. Hades has a mission for the guild: one only Trick and Seraphina can complete. The catch— they have to complete it within a week or their lives will be forfeit.

Can Seraphina and Trick set aside centuries of prejudice and work together, or will their pride see them both destroyed?

Praise for Winged Passion

'Holy Hell what a truly amazing read this book was Amanda Pillar killed it, this book deserves more than 5 stars.' - N. Henderson, Goodreads

'From the brutal opening pages to the ultimate twist at the end, this one deserves to be on every paranormal readers shelf along with the rest of the series!' - Dianne, Tome Tender

'This book was fantastic! I absolutely love this series each book just get more and more awesome.' - Joann, Goodreads