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About Winter's Curse...

Winter's Curse is out now!

On a bad day, Verity Winter can raise hell. Literally.

Verity Winter wants to escape her past, and the town of Moonlit Hills is her new sanctuary. There’s only one problem: it’s a supernatural hotspot. Which would be fine, except her magical powers are a little bit out of control and she might have accidentally raised a horde of undead chickens at the Happy Pie diner.

Gabriel Black is the scoundrel of his family. Born without magic into a town full of power, he runs a special kind of supply store filled with rare and magical artifacts. But Gabe isn’t interested in helping people, and when Verity crashes into his life, he’s in for a world of trouble.

Can they learn to work together, before Verity’s magic spins out of control and she plunges the whole town into chaos?


Praise for Winter's Curse

'Absolutely loved it! Funny, witty and a great storyline.' - J Hesketh

'A highly entertaining and addictive read that will hopefully lead to a very long series!' - J Woods


'The story line could not be better and I cannot wait to read more of this series! The next installment better come soon!' - Francheska

'Buckle up for a wild ride. The characters were full of sass, snark yet sexy attitude.' - A Martinez

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